About Premier Aircraft Service



Premier’s maintenance shop provides owners of piston and light  turboprop aircraft with all their routine maintenance,  repair, equipment installation and upgrade/retrofit services. We are a:


    • Cessna, Diamond, Mooney, Lycoming, Continental/Centurion and Austro authorized  service center
    • Beechcraft, Cirrus & Piper maintenance and repair facility
    • FAA Part 145 repair station
    • EASA certified maintenance facility
    • Resource for upgrades and retrofits

We serve customers from all over the United States and are one of the few maintenance and repair shops with a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification, meaning we can maintain and  repair European-registered aircraft that are flown in the US.

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Our mission is clear:  to schedule you promptly, get your work done efficiently, communicate regularly, and get you back in the air safely. We’ll even pick up and deliver your aircraft if your schedule doesn’t permit you to bring it here yourself.


When you bring your airplane to Premier, you are entrusting the safety of your passengers and the integrity of your investment to one of the most highly-trained and experienced groups of  maintenance professionals in the country.  Our 11 A&P mechanics (four of whom are also FAA Inspectors), include military-trained mechanics and graduates of some of the nation’s top aviation  maintenance schools.


Services: Routine Maintenance and Repairs


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    • 100-hour inspections
    • Annual inspections
    • 50-hour oil change and analysis
    • Airframe, powerplant and avionics repairs
    • Air conditioning tune-ups
    • Transponder & static system checks
    • ELT checks
    • Altimeter, transponder and static certification
    • Weight and balance certification
    • Deep cleaning, upholstery and carpet
    • Upholstery repair and re-dying 

Equipment Installations, Upgrades and Retrofits


    • Mooney  air conditioning
    • CabinCool™ air conditioning (DA40 and DA42)
    • ADS-B installations
    • GDL 69 installations
    • Avidyne 600 installations
    • WX 500 installations
    • Skywatch installations  
    • Cessna 172 turbo-diesel engine conversions
    • Thielert 2.0 conversions (DA42)
    • AmSafe seatbelts
    • Monroy long-range fuel tanks
    • PowerPlus™ backup alternator systems
    • LoPresti Boom Beam HID lighting systems
    • MicroAero dynamic vortex generators

Our Expertise  



Why use Premier Aircraft Service?  In a word, for our people – their expertise, their years of experience, and their attitude.


Unlike most small maintenance shops, we send our mechanics to specialized factory training courses from aircraft and avionics manufacturers like Cessna, Diamond, Mooney, Piper, Austro, Continental/Centurion, Lycoming, Allison, Garmin,  King, AmSafe and Monroy. Our 11 mechanics have 150+ years of collective experience, meaning a lot of expertise and brainpower if your problem is complicated or difficult to diagnose. We constantly monitor our customer satisfaction through an anonymous customer satisfaction survey.  Ninety-eight percent of our customers will come back and recommend us to another pilot.


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What Customers Say About Our People


“Ray Bysiewicz [Premier’s director of maintenance] is an extremely talented, patient, and knowledgeable professional. I felt very confident with his advice and help. He went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied.”


“Chris had a very high level of knowledge about the PA46. He gave me a lot of confidence that he knew what needed to be done in all cases.”


“I called Ray on his cell phone on a Saturday morning... he answered his phone even though I'm sure that it was his day off. I asked if I could bring my Mooney in on the following Monday for an annual and he said absolutely...needless to say I was a happy man! Thank you Ray!!!”


“Everybody there is so nice and easy to deal with. David Pomerance provided a very convenient service helping me get the plane to KFXE and even taught me a little something about the Ovation.”


“I have complete confidence in Ray B. You should consider him a major asset to your organization.”


“The techs that worked on my plane went out of their way not to nick or scratch anything and returned my plane spotless. I really appreciate that; my plane was a huge investment for me.”

What Customers Like Best about Their Service


“Respect, professionalism, and maintenance that I can count on. My life and wife are in this airplane  and I have to be assured that the very best maintenance is performed on it.”


“Everyone I have come in contact with throughout my visit is top notch in every way. There's not a  single person I can think of that wasn't about as perfect as you can get from an employee  standpoint. I own my own company.I know what good customer service is and what bad customer  service is. I know what good quality workmanship is and what bad workmanship is. I assure you I  would be critical if there was reason to be. You people are just very good at what you do.”


“The people working on the airplane are great. They have always gone out of their way for us. Premier  frequently does favors for us, and has always been able to accommodate us, even without notice.”


“Comfort level that people who KNOW Mooneys worked on my plane, resulting in a high confidence  that the important things were inspected and properly repaired as needed.” 

Our Facilities


Premier occupies 21,000 square feet of maintenance, showroom and office space in three hangars at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE). Hangar 13 and 14 house our modern maintenance facilities.

Hangar 15 houses our aircraft showroom.  In addition to maintenance, Premier is the exclusive dealer for new Mooney and Diamond aircraft in the Southeastern US, and maintains a constantly-refreshing inventory of all major brands of used aircraft . 

And For The Family…


Many customers take the family on vacation while leaving their plane for an annual or 100-hour at Premier.  In addition to Fort Lauderdale’s famous beaches, restaurants, shopping and nightlife, Premier is a day trip away from the Florida Keys, Miami, Palm Beach, Naples/Gulf coast and famous attractions like Disney World, the Miami Seaquarium, Lion Country African Safari, “swimming with the dolphins” parks  and alligator-watching in the Everglades – just to name a few favorites!



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