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Art Spengler
VP of Operations
Office 954-771-0411 
Cell 954-610-4144 
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I learned to fly as a 19-year-old, and when I finished my private my instructor asked me if I wanted to buy a plane.  That sounded like a dandy idea to me, and every day since I’ve said a silent thanks to him for introducing me to the lifetime of flying adventures. 

My first plane was a Grumman AA5 Traveler, a spunky little four-place plane that I leased back to that flight school.  I learned from that first experience that there are many ways to structure aircraft ownership, and it’s possible to achieve that dream.  I’ve been fortunate to own a plane and work in aviation ever since as owner of a 15-aircraft flight school, an air charter business, and a Part 145 maintenance operation.  Each gave me different perspective of the rewards of aircraft ownership, and I’d like nothing more than to share that lifetime of experience with you.  These are a few of my qualifications:

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