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Whether you are looking for an aircraft to purchase or preparing to sell the one you have, the first step to ensuring your success is having the right team behind you. You can contact any of our sales reps by clicking on the "Contact" section.

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Fred Ahles


Office 954-771-0411

Cell 954-328-9280

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Art Spengler

Vice President of Operations

Office 954-771-0411

Cell 954-610-4144

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Jeff Owen

Vice President Aircraft Sales

Office 954-771-0411

Cell 954-812-6162

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Richard Simile

Sales Manager

Southeast Region

Office 334-826-1660

Cell 334-332-2100

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Barry Rutheiser

Sales Manager

Office 954-771-0411

Cell 248-909-8286

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Mike Farley

Sales Manager

Office 954-771-0411

Cell 407-810-6799

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Corbin Hallaran

Customer Service Manager

Office 954-771-0411

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Susan McKenzie

Manager Closing Operations

Office 954-771-0411

Cell 954-592-1229

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Lee Drumheller

Customer Relations Manager

Southeast Region

Office 334-826-1660

Cell 334-663-3151

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